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We are grateful for your visit to our web site. I hope you find it useful and efficient.

Our story goes back to a few years before the word processor was invented. I hope you take the time to read Our History.

We do this work for two reasons: we are good at it; and it is always interesting. Hundreds of clients and 33 years later we continue to learn how our world is shaped. Stories from all over the world pass through our offices. Check the page here that we call Industry.

Much as we'd like to tell the world, we are secretaries and we must keep your confidence. It is your story. We handle your voices with care while they are in our office, and then we turn them back to you.

This work is challenging on many levels: literacy, vocabulary - to comprehend accents, to understand the news, to keep up on events. I read voraciously, literature, history, culture, news, politics, medicine. The only part of modern culture I cannot bear to comprehend is television; I find it a bore, and I read much faster than a video anyway. My language skills - at the heart of my life and my writing - are at your service.

Welcome, I say. Please feel free to call me anytime. I don't hear the phone when I sleep; and if I am busy, why, that is why some dear person invented voice mail. While I want The Last Word to appear huge, I won't kid you; it is made up of a few dedicated and hardworking people who are way more than their honorable title: Transcriber, which I believe we all wear with honor.

Bill Sell, principal

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