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Do we take rush work? Of course we do. Many customers came to us the first time because of an emergency - of course. Totally understand that.

If you are in need, just call. We will do our best. Oh, there might be a charge if your work keeps a helper chained to the computer an evening or a weekend, but we would like a chance to help you out. And you will get our price immediately, before you commit.

It's about labor time. Try to think of us kindly, as you do your excellent plumber, who must sell her or his time in advance to the first bidder. We do that, too. And our commitment to a project is our serious commitment to finish on time. So, no, we won't fudge on a previous commitment in favor of a new job, but I might find a crack in the schedule, somewhere - or a willing helper.

Planning saves costs. Call us when you are planning and give us the dates of your interviews or meetings. You are then on our calendar for the best turn-around.

Hate to lose you under any circumstances. Think well of us, and early; you will like our work. To save the day, Keep In Touch.

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