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Digital Sound Files
A wide variety of digital sound files are now available. We manage all the popular formats, as well as some of the lesser known formats. The most common, WAV, MP3, DSS, WMA, WMV, MOV are appearing on CDs and Podcasts. Combination AudioVideo formats such as the DVD allow for video with burned-in visuals of running time.

SFTP Service
You can save courier costs by using our FTP site, which is both secure and fast. With this tool you send files directly to our server over the Internet.

Email a request to access to this site. Include your name, address, company name, phone number, etc.
or call us at 888-TAPE-USA [888-827-3872] or 414-272-3787

Analog Sound - Tapes
Yes, we continue to support transcription from from tapes. The quality of digitally recorded voice is superior, and our clients are discovering this. I can loan you our Olympus digital voice recorder to see for yourself.

We accept the standard cassette (once widely used for music); the Micro cassette (postage stamp size); VCR (analog video and audio tapes from television). We can accept camera Beta video tape but there will be a conversion charge; we work with a sound studio to convert Betas.

A word about the MINI cassette. This cassette has seen its day. Low demand. If someone is still using the MINI turn them on to digital. Now.

The "micro" cassette is passing from the scene. Seldom used anymore, these recordings are inferior to digital recordings. The equipment is more costly than digital.
Return s
Upon request, we return your media at the end of the project.

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